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Disk Cleaner

Periodically checks free space on path and deletes files to free up disk.


Checks free space left where the path bind-mounted to /data volume and deletes

docker run \
    -d \
    -v /messy/path:/data \
    -e DELETE_COUNT=5 \
    -e DELAY_TIME=60 \
    -e MIN_FREE_SPACE=100000 \

The container created with this command checks free disk space every 60 seconds on path /messy/disk and deletes oldest 5 files if free space on disk is less then 100MB (100000KB)


Variable Default Unit Description
DELETE_COUNT 5 Number of files to delete
DELAY_TIME 60 seconds Time to delay for the next execution
MIN_FREE_SPACE kbytes Minimum free space required to delete files
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