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Apache Hue docker image
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DEPRECATED: use parrotstream/hue instead!



This image runs the official Cloudera Hue on a Centos Linux distribution. The image is based on the mcapitanio/centos-java. In order to run a fully functional Hue application you need to start all other servervice (ZooKeeper, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Solr, Oozie, Sqoop, etc.). Differently from other images of mine, this one does not start all these services.

The latest tag of this image is build with the latest stable release of Cloudera Hue on Centos 7.

You can pull it with:

docker pull mcapitanio/hue

You can also find other images based on different Cloudera Hue releases, using a different tag in the following form:

docker pull mcapitanio/hue:[hue-release]

For example, if you want Apache Hue release 3.11.0 you can pull the image with:

docker pull mcapitanio/hue:3.11.0

Run with Docker Compose:

docker-compose -p docker up

Setting the project name to docker with the -p option is useful to create the same network hadoop prefixed with the name of the project. If you want to use this image to connect to Hive, HBase, Impala, etc. you have to start the docker containers you can find in my Docker Hub.

Once started you'll be able to access the Hue Web console at:

Cloudera Hue http://localhost:8000

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