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Docker image running Impala for Kudu (without HDFS dependency!).
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DEPRECATED: use parrotstream/impala-kudu instead!



This image runs Apache Impala and Apache Kudu. The image is based on the latest .

The latest tag of this image is build with the Cloudera Impala & Kudu distributions.

You can pull it with:

docker pull mcapitanio/impala-kudu

You can also find other images based on different Apache HBase releases, using a different tag in the following form:

docker pull mcapitanio/impala-kudu:[kudu-release]

For example, if you want Impala with Kudu release 1.0.0 you can pull the image with:

docker pull mcapitanio/impala-kudu:1.0.0

Run with Docker Compose:

docker-compose -p docker up

Setting the project name to docker (or something else) with the -p option is useful to run different containers belonging to the same network and having the relative hostnames shared.

IMPORTANT: To run this Docker you also need to pull the Hive image and following the instruction: Impala searches for the Hive Metastore to start.

Once started you'll be able to access to the following UIs:

HBase Web UIs URL
Kudu Master http://localhost:8051
Kudu Tablet Server http://localhost:8050
Impala State Store Server http://localhost:25010
Impala Catalog Server http://localhost:25020
Impala Server Daemon http://localhost:25000

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