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ps3netsrv for Multiman software
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  • mccloud/ps3netsrv:alpine (size: 339.7mb)
  • mccloud/ps3netsrv:debian (size: 117.2mb)
  • mccloud/ps3netsrv:ubuntu (size: 183.9mb)
  • mccloud/ps3netsrv:phusion (size: 271mb)

Alpine is large since it compiles ps3netsrv from source and was missing dependencies, while the other images simply download a pre-compiled executable and run it.

Default port of 38008 is used, with a mounting point of /games (mine is mapped /mnt/user/Games:/games). My game folders are stored at /mnt/user/Games/GAMES, this is due to ps3netsrv looking for a GAMES folder containing the ps3 games.

It is webMAN compatible.

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