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Redis base image

redis.conf file

port 6379
cluster-enabled no
cluster-config-file nodes.conf
cluster-node-timeout 5000
appendonly yes

Start the redis container

$ sudo docker run --name redis_quick_start -p 6379:6379 -d mccstanmbg/redis

Connect to the redis instance and play with.

From outside, using redis-cli

$ redis-cli -p 6379>

OR Using a container link and redis-cli

$ sudo docker run -it --link redis_quick_start:redis --rm redis redis-cli -h redis -p 6379
redis:6379> set key value
redis:6379> get key
redis:6379> set users.ksana "{name:SANA, age:26}"
redis:6379> set users.mccstan "{name:BADO, age:24}"
redis:6379> get users.mccstan
"{name:BADO, age:24}"
redis:6379> get users.ksana
"{name:SANA, age:26}"
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