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Docker image supporting Haskell GPU programming:

  • accelerate-cuda- and
  • accelerate-fft-

The current library versions are based on LTS Haskell 1.4 with GHC 7.8.4 and CUDA 6.5.

Available from the public Docker registry in two flavours:

  • mchakravarty/haskell-cuda:lts1.4-cuda6.5: plain image executing ghci by default
  • mchakravarty/haskell-cuda:lts1.4-cuda6.5-onbuild: build image to containerise Cabal executables

Usage of the build image

Create a Dockerfile that just contains

FROM mchakravarty/haskell-cuda:lts1.4-cuda6.5-onbuild

Place this Dockerfile into the application directory containing a Cabal file or into a directory together with a Cabal source distribution tarball (as generated by cabal sdist).

Build your application container image, including your pre-compiled application, with

docker build -t app .

By default, the application container will execute cabal run, passing any run arguments on.

Nota Bene

This image requires a host OS with NVIDIA's CUDA driver (version 6.5) to access any CUDA device.

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