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Parse Server (pure, straight from npm)
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Parse Server

See above for all documentation.

Parse listens on the path given in SERVER_URL, if any, not /parse
as in the upstream examples, so it can be easily served from HAProxy and
composed with other services. For example with multiple apps and envs:

Logs are written to STDOUT in "pretty" Bunyan format, and to file in "raw"
JSON format. The welcome message is written to STDERR to not interfere.


  • APP_ID Required
  • APP_NAME Optional. Sets both the Parse internal app name, and in the logs
  • CLIENT_KEY Required
  • CLOUD Defaults to /cloud/main.js
  • DATABASE_URI Defaults to mongodb://mongo, so you can link to mongo easily
  • MASTER_KEY Required
  • MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE Defaults to '100mb'
  • PORT Defaults to 1337, coerced to a number
  • PUBLIC_SERVER_URL Public-facing URL for server, defaults to SERVER_URL
  • SERVER_URL Required

Mailgun (optional)

  • MAILGUN_DOMAIN Mailgun domain
  • MAILGUN_FROM Mailgun From address
  • MAILGUN_KEY Mailgun API key


  • /parse/cloud (By default contains an empty main.js)
  • /parse/logs (Logs named parse.log and rotated every day)


Exposes 1337 by default.

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