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Docker image of rubygems-mirror and a gem server
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Docker image providing rubygems-mirror and a gem server.

Deploying your Gem Server

Create a data container, so the gem server itself can be redeployed easily:

docker create --name rubygems-data -v /srv/gems busybox

Run the server:

docker run -d --volumes-from rubygems-data -p 9292 colstrom/rubygems-server

Using your Gem Server

Set your rubygems mirror by following:

bundle config mirror.

Authenticating with GitHub

To restrict access to your Gem Server, you can set two environment variables:

  • GITHUB_ORGANIZATION to the organization you want to restrict access to.

If set, the Gem Server will require a valid GitHub token with org permissions, provided as a 'password' via HTTP Basic Auth.

If the user associated with the token is a member of the GITHUB_ORGANIZATION you set, that user will have access.




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