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ubuntu image that has programs for developers
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This is a base image of Ubuntu 14.04 (14.10 base image will also work) with changes for a developer. It is intended as a Java (probably web) complimentary development environment. It contains the following: MongoDB, Postgresql, Jetty, Apache2, and Nginx. Oracle's Java 8 SDK has replaced Open JDK. Vim and nano have been installed and Vim's plugin manager Vundle has also been deployed. Some plugins have already been installed using .vimrc file. This allows the user to add auto-complete, syntax highlighting, project management, etc to Vim. Most developers would use this capability for quick fixes while working on their own computer.NVM, NPM, bowser,angular, bootstrap, jasmine,http-server and grunt are installed as Javascript packages for development. Users can create a data volume at /data/db to allow for persistence of database file for both mongodb and postgresql. the images is large (it is as small as I think it can be). Finally Open SSH server and client are installed. Root's password has been changed to dev. Due to issues in the ubuntu repo, MongoDB , java, and jetty are installed in /opt. They are all the newest releases. Use this as a base development and testing server. The image also has maven and git. In order to decrease the image size, it was built and then exported and re-imported. This removes the associated images but also removes meta-data like exposed ports. This means that the image will need to be ran with the appropriate options like -p (mapping of ports) or -v (creation of shared volumes),

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