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A base AWS + Ansible image
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Docker AWS Ansible

This Docker image contain AWS CLI and Ansible binaries. Docker hub repository:

Getting started

Run the docker app with the proper volume mounts.

docker run \
    -it \
    --rm \
    -e "ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE=~/.vault_pass.txt" \
    -v <.aws path>:/home/devops/.aws \
    -v <.ssh path>:/home/devops/.ssh \
    -v <data path>:/home/devops/data \
    -v <ansible vault file>:/home/devops/.vault_pass.txt \


  • <.aws path> - your local .aws folder, this folder contains your AWS credentials
  • <.ssh path> - your local .ssh folder, this folder contains your ssh credentials
  • <data path> - your local data path, this folder contains your project workspace (i.e. AWS, Ansible scripts, etc.)
  • <ansible vault file> - contains the ansible vault password used for MCP Ansible projects

For example:

docker run \
    -it \
    --rm \
    -e "ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE=~/.vault_pass.txt" \
    -v $HOME/.aws:/home/devops/.aws \
    -v $HOME/.ssh:/home/devops/.ssh \
    -v $HOME/workspace-git:/home/devops/data \
    -v $HOME/.vault_pass.txt:/home/devops/.vault_pass.txt \
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