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Docker Elasticsearch ( image based on OpenWRT.
Full Description

Elastic 2.3.1 as a Docker container. For development use only.


Without arguments, the container starts the Elastic server:

docker run -d --name elastic mcreations/openwrt-elastic

Configuration Details

the volume as /data cab be passed from outside of Docker container with -v switch.
The ports can be opened with -p switch.

This is a sample command line with custom parameters:

docker run -d --name elastic1 \
       -e CLUSTER_NAME=my-cluster \
       -e NODE_NAME=my-first-node \
       -v /share/elastic:/data \
       -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 mcreations/openwrt-elastic

Templates Import Configuration

All templates should be in json format. the name of them will come from template attribute of the json after eliminating * symbols.
All imported json files will move into ./imported folder after importing.

There are two ways for importing templates into ES:

Internal templates

The internal templates come from ./image/root/etc/elastic/templates/ folder and can be used for importing additional templates after extending an existing Docker.

External templates

These templates come from /data volume which can mounted from outside by a host folder and it can contain a ./templates folder to import its *.json files as template of ES.

The external templates will be imported with after importing the internal templates.

For the complete details of the configuration, please see

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository

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