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A docker image with php5 fastcgi support within apache2 based on

It serves php files below

  • /usr/share/htdocs

and index.php files are accepted as DirectoryIndex files.

How to use

The build puts phpinfo() in index.php of /usr/share/htdocs, so you can

docker run -it --rm -p 11080:80 mcreations/openwrt-php5

and point your browser to http://localhost:11080/index.php to see the output of phpinfo.

WARNING: you MUST remove the index.php file in /usr/share/htdocs when using this image in production!

Adding PHP configuration

To include additional configuration, add your .ini files to

  • /etc/php5

The PHP binary is configured to scan this directory and include the .ini files contained within.

Adding Apache configuration

The Apache configuration to enable php is straighforward.

The base image m-creations/openwrt-apache2 provides support for adding
such .conf files to these directories:

  • /etc/apache/conf
  • /etc/apache/sites

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  • Document which modules are available/built-in
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