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WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 as a Docker container. For development use only.


You need to provide a repository folder for this Docker at runtime.
So, create a folder on Docker host.
for example :

mkdir /my-repository

If you leave it empty at runtime it will fill with the respository folder of downloaded file for first time.
If you have a pre-configured WSO2IS you can copy repository folder of it into new created /my-repository foldr.

Then, run it with this command:

docker run -v /my-repository:/repository -d mcreations/openwrt-wso2is

For running the server in debug mode you can use --env switch to run in debug mode:

docker run -v /my-repository:/repository --env WSO2IS_RUN_MODE=debug -d mcreations/openwrt-wso2is

which will run the docker in debug mode on port 5005 and for using another debug port:

docker run -v /my-repository:/repository --env WSO2IS_RUN_MODE=debug --env WSO2IS_DEBUG_PORT=8000 -d mcreations/openwrt-wso2is

in debug mode server wait to connecting the remote debugger before start.

You can use an internet browser for checking the run docker as follows:


the docker-vnet-ip ip address comes from ip address of docker0 interface. use ifconfig to obtain it.

Distribution Folder

To avoid downloading the artifact from multiple times, you can download it manually into dist folder, you can use inside dist for download the artifact .

cd /path/to/yours/docker-opewrt-wso2is/dist

You can modify artifact version in file, the default version is 5.0.0.


In the root of cloned project run following command

docker build -t mcreations/openwrt-wso2is .
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