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SBCL (Steel Bank Common Lisp) based on OpenWrt ( for minimal size
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An image based on OpenWrt x86_64 which runs
SBCL (Steel Bank Common Lisp).

Quicklisp is installed in /opt/quicklisp. We provide
different versions (tags) for different distributions of Quicklisp:

  • version x.y.z contains the corresponding sbcl version (built with
    build option 'fancy'), and the 'current' Quicklisp version (current
    at container build time) with no systems pre-installed

  • version x.y.z-YYYY-MM-DD contains sbcl x.y.z and Quicklisp
    YYYY-MM-DD, where all package archives are downloaded into the

The latter image is large (400-500 MB) but contains all of Quicklisp,
so no Internet connectivity is needed for quickloading systems.

Sources can be mounted into the image into /common-lisp.

Compiled files are cached in the directory /cache.

The userid and groupid of the sbcl process can be specified explicitly.

How to use

We assume that you keep your own source files in ~/common-lisp and
the cache location is the default one ~/.cache. Then you can use the
following command

docker run -it -v ~/common-lisp:/common-lisp -v ~/.cache:/cache mcreations/sbcl

It is possible to override the quicklisp installation inside the
container with the one which you have (default location ~/quicklisp):

docker run -it -v ~/quicklisp:/opt/quicklisp -v ~/common-lisp:/common-lisp -v ~/.cache:/cache mcreations/sbcl

User ID and Group ID

The sbcl process inside the container runs with UID 1000 and GID 1000.
If you specify host volumes to be mounted inside the container, then
you should set the env var RUN_AS to your own UID and GID. The files
which are created by sbcl will then have the correct user and group:

docker run -it -e RUN_AS=`id -u`:`id -g` -v ~/quicklisp:/opt/quicklisp -v ~/common-lisp:/common-lisp -v ~/.cache:/cache mcreations/sbcl

During startup, the startup script modifies owner and group of the directories

  • /opt/quicklisp
  • /cache

to match the value of RUN_AS.

Note that this will take quite some time, so you should always run the
image with the same RUN_AS value (cf. above).

Readline support

When running the image interactively, you can use GNU readline
history and editing capabilities.

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