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Steps to setup linked development and digit ocean environment:

  • Install VirtualBox
  • brew install boot2docker
  • run: boot2docker start
  • set the DOCKER_HOST environment variables it asks you to (can also copy them to .bashrc)
  • install docker-compose (used to be called fig)
  • setup your docker-compose.yml file
  • make sure the Dockerfile is the way you want it to describe the python container
  • to run the database script (which will have to be before initial run, in this example) run docker-compose up db to start the database, from the dbjob directory run docker build --rm -t dbjob . then docker run -it --link=flasktest_db_1:postgres dbjob
  • run the build process: docker-compose up. To run in the background use the -d flag
  • make changes, save, test, and if necessary, run docker-compose build and then docker-compose up
  • to be able to debug using pdb, run instead with docker-compose run --service-ports web (or the name of the python service)
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