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Meccano IoT Web Console
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Meccano IoT Web Console

Meccano IoT Web Console is a web console to administrate the devices. With this admin you can:

  • Register new devices.
  • Send commands to devices.
  • Find the device status.


docker run -e MYSQL_URI=mysql://user:pass@host:port/DATABASE  -P --name meccano-webconsole  meccano/webconsole


docker run -e MYSQL_URI=mysql://iot:iot@ -p 8080:8080 --name meccano-webconsole meccano/webconsole

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About Meccano IoT Project

Meccano project is a multi-purpose IoT (Internet of Things) board and software platform created by Luciano Kadoya, Rogério Biondi, Diego Osse and Talita Paschoini. Its development started in early 2014 as a closed R&D project in the Software Architecture Division, with the aim of creating a board which is robust, based on a modern microprocessor (ESP8266), cheap, easy to implement and deploy through the 750 retail stores to perform several functions, such as:

  • Count the number of visitors in each store to calculate the sales/visits ratio;
  • Get the vote/feedback of users regarding the services;
  • Voice marketing;
  • Energy saving initiatives;
  • Beacons and interaction of the customer in the physical store;
  • Several other undisclosed applications;

Different from other ESP8266 projects, Meccano board has been heavily tested in retail stores and adjusted to be safe against RF (radio frequency) interferences. The physical store is an inhospitable environment since there are several hundreds of electronic products, such as TVs, computers, sound and home theaters as well as electronic home appliances.

The project is still in its early stages and will evolve in the future. Magazine Luiza will plan the backlog and sponsor the project. It has been open-sourced because it´s the first initiative to create a board based on ESP8266 in Brazil and we are really excited about the possibilities. Magazine Luiza has a passion for innovations and contribution to the development of technology. So you are invited to join us because your support/collaboration is welcome!

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