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This docker allow to easily play static content created with mediagoom mg tool.
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Repository for the mg Docker image


In order to start a docker with mg use the following command:
docker run -i -t --name mg -p 80:80 mediagoom/nginx-play /bin/bash
in case you do not want to make your docker web site available to the outside world
just remove -p 80:80.

If you want to be able to exchange files with your docker you can use the following
command to share a dir.

docker run -i -t --name mg -v /<yourdir>:/mgdir -p 80:80 mediagoom/nginx-play /bin/bash

Once your docker start just run mg --help to make sure everything is ready to go.

Now you can start producing and play your media.

For instance use the script to download some ready files and publish them in mpeg-dash and hls:


When mg finish you can start nginx to server your content: nginx -g 'daemon off;'

Then point your browser to http://<container ip or localhost>/play/index.html?src=/dash to play your content in mpeg-dash or hls.

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