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Spring XD on Docker

Learn about Spring XD at This image is
simple in that is just lets you run the Spring XD Single Node server as a
Docker image.

The embedded Zookeeper server is hard-coded to be 5555. You don't need to
expose this port on the host but doing so may be handy if you want to
understand which Zookeeper nodes are used by Spring XD.

Build Images

You can use the image directly from the register via

docker pull medined/docker-springxd

or you can use the script


The script does nothing complex. It just wraps Docker's build command.

Running the Spring XD Single Node server

The script makes it simple to start the Single Node.
It automatically exposes ports 5555 and 9393 to the host machine. Additionally,
the URLs for REST service and the embedded Zookeeper are printed. You can start
the Single Node server manually using

docker run --name=springxd-singlenode \
  -p 5555:5555 \
  -p 9393:9393 \
  -d \
  -t medined/docker-springxd:1.0.0.M7 \

Running the Spring XD Shell

The Spring XD shell depends on the Spring XD server in order to perform
work. It does not need to be run on the same machine as the Spring XD
server. When started, it assumes the Spring XD server can be found on
localhost. The 'admin config server' command tells the Spring XD shell
where to find the Spring XD server. If you use the provided script
it provides some hand-holding. The provided script is at


Of course, you can run the image yourself using a command like this:

docker run --name=springxd-shell \
  -i \
  -t medined/docker-springxd:1.0.0.M7 \

Runng a BASH Shell

If you want to experiment with the image you can simply start a BASH shell
instead of a Spring XD program. The provided script is called


The script wraps the following

docker run --name=springxd-bash \
  -i \
  -t medined/docker-springxd:1.0.0.M7 \

Management URLs

The Spring XD server provides several management REST endpoints used
to monitor the running processes. The following list is just a
reminder what's available.

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