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Out of the box softcover container is up and running
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Out of the box softcover container is up and running.

What is Softcover?

Softcover is a new publishing platform based on the production system and business model used by the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. Using Softcover, authors can build multi-format ebooks (HTML, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) from common source files, optionally bundle them with media like screencast videos, and publish them to Softcover’s integrated sales platform with a single command.

How to use this Image

Create a Sample book

# docker run -v /your/path:/softcover -d meenachisundaram/softcover softcover new my_sample_book
  • In /your/path new my_sample_book folder is created.
  • By following the instruction in manual edit your sample book.

Launch Softcover server

  • Now launch a softcover server using the following command.

Note: Run this command inside the my_sample_book directory or your_existing_book directory.

# docker run --name mysoftcover -v "$PWD":/softcover -p 4000:4000 -d meenachisundaram/softcover softcover server
  • Change the port value as per your requirement.
  • Name of the container given is mysoftcover
  • By visiting the webpage(http://ip:4000 or http://localhost:4000) we can see the preview of the book.
  • Now whatever edit done in /your/path/my_sample_book or /your/path/your_existing_book will be automatically updated in http://ip:4000 or http://localhost:4000.

Set up temporary ENV variables

# export mysoftcover="docker exec mysoftcover softcover"
  • For standard convention I'm using mysoftcover name of the running container.
  • Now all command similar to can be run by simply adding $mysoftcover infront of softcover.
  • Example:
    • # $mysoftcover version
    • # $mysoftcover help
    • # $mysoftcover build:pdf
    • # $mysoftcover build:all

Build books

  • Now all types of book can be build using build:all command.
# $mysoftcover build:all
  • All builded ebooks can be found in "$PWD"/ebooks directory.
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