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Create static Mono binaries for minimal Docker deployments
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Mono Static

This image contains the full Mono development environment and a gcc environment, which can be used to create a statically compiled Mono binary.

As part of the build, it expects a to be present in the working directory to compile the app.

An example file:


# This is used from the CI image to compile and build the app into a static binary.
nuget restore -NonInteractive

PACKAGES_DIR=$(find /usr/src/app/source/packages/ -name *.dll)

for f in $PACKAGES_DIR; do

echo "Found packages: ${PACKAGES}"
xbuild /p:Configuration=Release /property:OutDir=/usr/src/app/build/ ./console.sln
mkbundle --deps --static ./obj/x86/Release/console.exe $PACKAGES -o consoleapp


This image uses the ONBUILD Docker feature which is great for use as an intermediate / CI container to produce your static artifacts
for use in smaller containers.

Create your CI

Assuming you have the from above in the root dir, you can now build an intermediate image containing your app:


FROM mefellows/mono-static

MAINTAINER Matt Fellows <>

ONBUILD WORKDIR /usr/src/app/build
CMD [ "sleep", "600" ]

This will produce a container with a compiled binary in the /usr/src/app/build directory with the name consoleapp.
Extract the binary from the container for embedding into a smaller runtime container, such as busybox:

# Run the CI Build
docker build -t tmp-build .                                       

# Run the container
docker run -d --name tmp-build tmp-build                          

# This is sort of a package caching mechanism
docker cp tmp-build:/usr/src/app/source/packages .                

# Extract static binary into distribution folder
docker cp tmp-build:/usr/src/app/source/consoleapp ./distribution/

# Close off temporary container
docker rm -f tmp-build

Now create distribution\Dockerfile:

FROM progrium/busybox
RUN opkg-install libc-dev
ADD ./consoleapp console
CMD [ "./console" ]

You can build this with docker build -t mefellows/mono-api distribution


See A Nancy .NET Microservice running on Docker in under 20mb for a walkthrough.

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