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This image will spin up StackStorm services with CloudSlang to play with.
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This repository contains Dockerfile which allows run all the StackStorm
services in a single docker container.

All the services are running inside a single container which means this method
is good for testing and developing StackStorm, but not appropriate for
production where "one service per container" model should be followed.


To play around with this docker image, docker must be installed on your system.


  • Git clone this repo to your boxL
git clone
  • Change in to docker directory:
cd st2express/docker
  • Build st2 docker image:
docker build -t st2 .
  • Run a container with the image:
docker run -it st2
  • Run inside container:
  • Play around with st2:
st2 --version

For more information please refer to the documentation -

Using a specific version of StackStorm

By default, Dockerfile always uses the latest available stable version of

If you want to use a specific version of, edit Dockerfile and change the
following line:

RUN cd /root && curl -sS -k -O

To point to a deployment script for a specific version. For example:

RUN cd /root && curl -sS -k -O
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