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Globus Connect Personal Client
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Running GCP client on Synology NAS:

1) Install the Docker app on the Synology drive

2) On the registry tab of the Docker app look for meissnert/gcp and download the image

3) launch the image using the wizard and specify a container name, e.g. gcp

4) go to the container, edit and set environmental variables USERID & USER to match one of the local users on the NAS

5) on the volume settings specify which folders to share with the container and seth the mount path to /home/<USER>/<FOLDERTOSHARE>

6) go to terminal and run: adduser --disabled-password --gecos '' $USER &USERID

7) su $USER

8) /opt/globusconnectpersonel/globusconnect -setup <key>

9) opt/globusconnectpersonel/gobusconnect -start &

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