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to run the container : -

  1. you need to have docker-engine installed.
    2.sudo service docker start (to start the docker deamon)
    3.docker ps (to see which container is currently running)
    4.docker images to list all the images locally
    5.docker stop container_id (to stop the container running)

**Important :- if you make any changes then commit changes

for more information use : man docker

docker run -it mejai/fedora20-prftool bash

Download the ProfileTool source package from the Perforce in this below path

  • cd /$ROOT_Folder/OTV_OS/Opentv5/DEVELOP/system_perf_tool/opentv/tool/ProfileTool/babeltrace /$ROOT_Folder=Perforce Workspace on host system/
  • ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
  • make
  • make install
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