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Docker web shell
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DoSh is a simple, web-based shell for Docker that only runs the docker command and nothing else. Supports autocomplete for docker commands. DoSh allows you to use docker from a browser, works as if you are on localhost, and can instantly be used to give docker to the people

Easy Install

Enable the docker HTTP/TCP interface (see for a guide on that). Listen on the docker IP (defaults to port 2375. Then run

docker run -d -p 4200:4200 meledin/dosh

The default installation runs with exactly one Docker host (the one in which the container is running). You can change the docker endpoint using the host environment variable like so

docker run -d -p 4200:4200 -e "host=tcp://" meledin/dosh

Custom Installation

  1. Clone the repo git clone

  2. Enable the docker HTTP/TCP interface (see for a guide on that).

  3. Edit the file. Add any number of -s lines as needed, modifying the /YOUR_PATH_HERE and DOCKER.HOST:2375 parts to fit your environment.

  4. docker build -t dosh .

  5. docker run -d -p 4200:4200 dosh

  6. Browse to (substituting appropriate values) and enjoy


There is none. This is strictly an internal plaything. Do not expose it to the internet if you know what's good for you.

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