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docker image for shadowsocks and kcptun
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This is a docker image for both shadowsocks server and kcptun server, which can help you run shadowsocks and kcp in your VPC very easily.

This docker image will use pre-compiled shadowsocks-libev from ubuntu apt repo, and pre-compiled kcptun server by myself (added to this git repo already). When building this docker image, docker will pull kcptun_server from this git repo. This is to reduce the size of the docker image. To use your own pre-compiled binaries, just edit Dockerfile

How to use this docker image

docker run -d -p 8900:8900/udp -p 8899:8899/udp melvinto/ss_kcptun:latest -k <password> -s <your_vpc_public_ip_or_hostname> 

More Examples

# 8900 is kcp port
# 8899 is ss udp port (8899 is used for replaying dns query via ss-tunnel)
docker run -d -p 8900:8900/udp -p 8899:8899/udp melvinto/ss_kcptun:latest -k ss123456 -s

# more ss and kcp configurations can be found in console output
docker logs d17565c47321

# use another port other than 8900, 8899
docker run -d -p 9900:9900/udp -p 9990:9990/udp ss_kcp -k ss123456 -s -p 9900 -P 9990

# if -k (password) is not specified, random 8-charactor password will be generated and print in console of the docker container

# mount log folder to host (/var/log @ docker container => ~/log @ host)
docker run -d -p 8900:8900/udp -p 8899:8899/udp ss_kcp -k ss123456 -s -v ~/log:/var/log

# or you can build docker image by yourself
docker build .

Default parameters

  • KCP
    • method: fast2
    • send window: 1024
    • recv window: 1024
    • MTU: 1400
    • port: 8900
  • Shadowsocks
    • port: 8899
    • method: aes-256-cfb

Example on how client connects to this docker image

# ss tunnel
ss_tunnel -s <your_vpc_ip> -p 8899 -l <local_port> -k <password> -m aes-256-cfb -u -L <remote dns server and port>
ss_tunnel -s -p 8899 -l 8855 -k ss123456 -m aes-256-cfb -u -L

# kcp
client -r <your_vpc_ip>:8900 -l ":8899" -mode fast2

# ss redirection or ss client, both connect local kcp forwarding port
ss_redir -s -p 8899 -l 8820 -b -k ss123456 -m aes-256-cfb
ss_client -s -p 8899 -l 8820 -b -k ss123456 -m aes-256-cfb

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