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[Goagent][goagent] for Docker.

Image Creation

This example creates the image with the tag mengbo/docker-goagent, but you can
change this to use your own username.

$ docker build -t="mengbo/docker-goagent" .

Alternately, you can run the following if you have make installed...

$ make

You can also specify custom variables by change the Makefile.

You can run it by the following command...

$ wget; sh ./

Environment variables

  • GOAGENT_LISTEN_USERNAME: Username of goagent proxy. Default: goagent
  • GOAGENT_LISTEN_PASSWORD: Password of goagent proxy. Default: goagent
  • GOAGENT_GAE_APPID: Google app engine AppID. Default: docker-goagent
  • GOAGENT_GAE_PASSWORD: Password of server on GAE. Default: docker-goagent
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