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Master docker for building sensu - {api, client, server} dockers
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Sensu unofficial Docker images

This repository provides Docker images of [Sensu][sensu] application.

What is Sensu?

[Sensu][sensu] is an application for all your monitoring needs. It provides
agent system which allows nodes to report arbitrary data about their condition
to master server, which passes data to handlers (e.g. email handler that sends
email to cluster owner if certain conditions are met) and which may be used by
GUI (most probably Uchiwa) to show that data in human-readable way. That vague
"data" term usually means hardware state - cpu checks, free ram, free space,
temperature - but, actually, that data may be nearly anything up to throughput
metrics and docker container count. The existence of handlers allows to perform
alerts in case sensu detects something bad - e.g. if web application turns out
to be inaccessible.

How do i use it?

Sensu consists of three building blocks - the server, which processes all the
checks and alerts, API, that provides access to server, and client, which is
intended to be run on a node and send data to server via transport. Besides
that, you'll need transport (RabbitMQ) and storage (Redis) for Sensu
interoperation, and, most probably, you'll need a GUI to visualize your cluster
state (see uchiwa/uchiwa).

To bring up your Sensu cluster, you'll need to run at least one copy of server
and API on your master node and a copy of client on every node. To do so, simply
run corresponding containers with appropriate settings.

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