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Generate tree structure from the mpistat output and allow querying of it via a rest api.

Dependencies (not complete):

  • Needs facebooks proxygen http server library
  • Boost

Using proxygen brings in the google logging and command-line options libraries.
These give a lot of extra command-line options. Use --help to list them.

A good commandline to use would be something like...

bin/treeserve -lstat bin/114_1.dat.gz -dump=bin/tree.bin -logtostderr -gzip_buf 64 -port 8000

Format of fields in the data file are :

  • a prefix (the lustre volume number)
  • base64 encoding of the path (to handle unprintable characters in paths)
  • size of the object
  • owner
  • group
  • atime
  • mtime
  • ctime
  • object type (dir, normal file, symlink etc.)
  • inode #
  • number of hardlinks
  • device id
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