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Docker Mysql S3 Backups

Container to perform MySQL dumps and sync a local directory to a remote S3 bucket.

It includes:


    DATABASE_TYPE=mysql \ \
    DATABASE_PORT=3306 \
    DATABASE_DB_NAME=foobar \
    DATABASE_PASSWORD=jellyfish \
    RETENTION=30 \
    DUMPS_PATH=/data/mysql \

It will dump the provided database:
 - in the directory ${DUMPS_PATH}.
 - will keep a naming like: ${DATABASE_DB_NAME}-2017-02-03-17-03.
 - will keep the ${RETENTION} dumps more recent


    S3_BUCKET_NAME=my_bucket \
    S3_BUCKET_PATH=/backup/foobar/live \
    SYNC_ORIGIN_PATH=/data \

Other optional variables:
    S3_ENDPOINT=...  - S3 endpoint to connect to
    SYNC_EXCLUDE=/data/dir/* - Directory to exclude

I will copy all the files from /data into the given S3 bucket.

Datadog integration:

If $DATADOG_API_KEY is set, an event will be sent when both script finishes. Variables:

  • $DATADOG_API_KEY Datadog API key to use
  • $DATADOG_TAGS tags to send in the event.

Currently we send and unique event mysql-s3-backup.finished

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