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Containerized OpenLDAP Serivce

Provides an instance of slapd with a dynamic configuration backend. The default rootDN is cn=root,cn=config with the password secret. Please chnage this before exposing this container to any network setup.

OpenLDAP Version

OpenLDAP 2.4.39

Compliation Configuration

Please note this configuration does not include the BDB or HDB backends due to licensing complexities. The LMDB/MDB backend is compiled in and may be added via the dynamic backend. Please see openldap-2.4.39.configure for the options used in compiling OpenLDAP.

Container Configuration

OpenLDAP is installed into /opt/openldap-latest (symlinked ot the current revision). The dynamic configuration backend is stored at /storage/coniguration, with the intention of additional databases are stoared at /storage/{role-name}. The additional database storage mechanisms may either be volume mapped or kept witihn your instance of the container.


OpenLDAP is under it's own license, please see it at The configuration is public domain; use at your own risk.

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