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Using Myriad with Docker on Apache Mesos
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Building the Resource Manager Docker

./ will run the gradle scripts from the root myriad folder and compile all necessary libraries.

Running the Resource Manager Docker

docker run --name='myriad-resourcemanager' -t \ -v /path/to/yarn-site.xml:/myriad-conf/yarn-site.xml \ -v /path/to/myriad-config-default.yml:/myriad-conf/myriad-config-default.yml \ -e HADOOP_NAMENODE="" \ bgulla/myriad-resourcemanager

Available Environment Variables

You can also pass in custom values via docker run for the following env vars:


#Configuration Guide#

In order for the ResourceManager to operate correctly, you will need to provide 2 configuration files:

If you already had a working Vagrant instance, you will need to run vagrant reload in order to allow zookeeper and hdfs port-forwarding.

Still having problems connecting to Zookeeper? Be sure that your zkServer and MesosMaster values are correct in the myriad-config-default.yml file.

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