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A Mesos framework for Apache Flink
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A Mesos framework for Apache Flink

This project is based on the mesos-framework-boilerplate project. It was customized to to create a Apache Flink HA cluster, consisting of 3 JobManagers and initially 2 TaskManagers.


You can specify the following environment variables:

  • ZK_URL: The ZooKeeper URL for the Mesos cluster (e.g.,,
  • TASKMANAGER_MEM: The amount of memory the TaskManagers should be able to use (in MB). The default is 1536.
  • LOG_LEVEL: The log level, e.g. info or debug. The default is info.
  • CLUSTER_NAME: The name of the cluster, which will be appended to the framework name.

Launching via Marathon

You can launch the scheduler like this:

  "id": "/flink-framework",
  "container": {
    "docker": {
      "image": "mesoshq/flink-framework:1.1.3",
      "network": "HOST",
      "forcePullImage": true
    "type": "DOCKER"
  "cpus": 0.5,
  "mem": 256,
  "instances": 1,
  "healthChecks": [
      "path": "/health",
      "protocol": "HTTP",
      "gracePeriodSeconds": 30,
      "intervalSeconds": 10,
      "timeoutSeconds": 20,
      "maxConsecutiveFailures": 3,
      "ignoreHttp1xx": false,
      "portIndex": 0
  "ports": [0],
  "env": {
    "ZK_URL": ",,",
    "LOG_LEVEL": "debug"


The scheduler UI can be accessed through the Mesos Master UI's frameworks tab. The TaskManagers can be scaled via this scheduler UI.

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