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Run Kong clusters on Mesos/Marathon!
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Kong clusters on Mesos

This Docker image allows to deploy Kong (v0.8.3) clusters in Mesos via Marathon.


Configuration can be done via passing environment variables in the Marathon app JSON.

List of possible environment variables


  • HOST: The ip address of the host the Kong instance is running on (provided by Marathon).
  • PORT0: The proxy_listen port (provided by Marathon).
  • PORT1: The proxy_listen_ssl port (provided by Marathon).
  • PORT2: The admin_api_listen port (provided by Marathon).
  • PORT3: The cluster_listen port (provided by Marathon).
  • PORT4: The cluster_listen_rpc port (provided by Marathon).

Database overall

The minimal configuration (all variables are mandatory!) can be established by passing the following variables:

  • DATABASE_TYPE: The database type to use (can either be postgres or cassandra).
  • DATABASE_HOST: The host (ip address) the database is running on.
  • DATABASE_PORT: The port the database is running on.
  • DATABASE_NAME: The database name (for Cassandra, this is the keyspace name).
  • DATABASE_USER: The user Kong can use to connect to the database.
  • DATABASE_PASSWORD: The password Kong can use to connect to the database.

Cassandra specific

  • DATABASE_HOSTn: Additional Cassandra hosts (contact points), n is {1..4}. The hosts are matched to the ports via the n ennumeration.
  • DATABASE_PORTn: Additional Cassandra ports (contact points), n is {1..4}.
  • DATABASE_CONSISTENCY: Consistency setting to use when reading/writing.
  • DATABASE_REPLICATION_STRATEGY: If creating the keyspace for the first time, specify a replication strategy.
  • DATABASE_REPLICATION_FACTOR: Specify a replication factor for the SimpleStrategy.
  • DATABASE_DATA_CENTERS: Specify data centers for the NetworkTopologyStrategy.
  • DATABASE_SSL_CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITY: The certificate authority for the SSL certificates.
  • DATABASE_SSL_ENABLED: Enable SSL connections to the nodes (true or false, default false).
  • DATABASE_SSL_VERIFY: If cassandra_ssl is enabled, toggle server certificate verification.

Marathon application definition

  "id": "kong-api-gateway",
  "container": {
    "docker": {
      "image": "mesoshq/kong:latest",
      "network": "HOST",
      "forcePullImage": true
    "type": "DOCKER"
  "cpus": 0.3,
  "mem": 1024,
  "instances": 3,
  "healthChecks": [
      "protocol": "TCP",
      "gracePeriodSeconds": 30,
      "intervalSeconds": 10,
      "timeoutSeconds": 20,
      "maxConsecutiveFailures": 3,
      "ignoreHttp1xx": false,
      "portIndex": 0
  "ports": [0, 0, 0, 0, 0],
  "env": {
    "DATABASE_TYPE": "postgres",
    "DATABASE_HOST": "",
    "DATABASE_PORT": "5432",
    "DATABASE_NAME": "kong",
    "DATABASE_USER": "kong",
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