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DNS-based service discovery for Mesos
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Warning: The mesos-dns authors recommend running mesos-dns on the host directly using their statically compiled binary releases, not using docker. This image is provided primarily to simplify development and testing, but is not officially supported.


  • 0.5.2 - mesos-dns compiled on centos7 and extracted to a small scratch-based docker image
  • 0.5.2-bind-utils - mesos-dns compiled on centos7 and extracted to an alpine-based docker image with bind-utils installed to aid debugging

Example Usage

# host networking (faster than docker's bridge networking)
docker run -d --net=host -v "$(pwd)/config.json:/config.json" -v "$(pwd)/logs:/tmp" mesosphere/mesos-dns:0.5.2 /usr/bin/mesos-dns -v=2 -config=/config.json

# bridge networking 
docker run -d -p 53:53/udp -p 8123 -v "$(pwd)/config.json:/config.json" -v "$(pwd)/logs:/tmp" mesosphere/mesos-dns:0.5.2 /usr/bin/mesos-dns -v=2 -config=/config.json


Image Builder: (make docker)
Bind-Utils Branch:
Example Dev/Test Cluster:

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