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Mesos Slave with Docker-in-Docker
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Mesos Slave Docker-in-Docker (dind)

Mesos-Slave that runs in a Ubuntu-based Docker container.

Launches tasks using the included Docker Engine, rather than the host's Docker Engine.


  • Runs Mesos tasks inside the container (instead of in the parent Docker env).
  • Mesos tasks (in docker containers) are stopped when the mesos-slave-dind container is stopped.
  • Supports OverlayFS (new hotness) and AUFS (legacy)
    • Allocates disk space (via loop mount) to allow mounting AUFS on AUFS
  • Allocates IP space on the parent Docker's network, making docker-in-docker containers IP accessible from the host.

Required Docker Parameters

  • --privileged=true - Provides access to cgroups

Recommended Environment Variables

  • MESOS_CONTAINERIZERS - Include docker to enable running tasks as docker containers. Ex: docker,mesos
  • MESOS_RESOURCES - Specify resources to avoid oversubscribing via auto-detecting host resources. Ex: cpus:4;mem:1280;disk:25600;ports:[21000-21099]
  • DOCKER_NETWORK_OFFSET - Specify an IP offset to give each mesos-slave-dind container (default: Ex: (slave A), (slave B)
  • DOCKER_NETWORK_SIZE - Specify a CIDR range to apply to the above offset (default=24).
  • VAR_LIB_DOCKER_SIZE - Specify the max size (in GB) of the loop device to be mounted at /var/lib/docker (default=5). This is only used if OverlayFS is not supported by the kernel or the parent docker is configured to use AUFS.



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