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Pushprom is a proxy (HTTP/UDP) to the Prometheus Go client.

Prometheus doesn't offer a PHP client and PHP clients are hard to implement because they would need to keep track of state and PHP setups generally don't encourage that. That's why we built Pushprom.


Execute the following command:

make release

Or, alternatively, to build a Docker container:

make container


Running Pushprom is as easy as executing pushprom on the command line.

$ pushprom
2016/08/25 10:43:32 http.go:36: exposing metrics on
2016/08/25 10:43:32 udp.go:10: listening for stats UDP on port :9090
2016/08/25 10:43:32 http.go:39: listening for stats on

Use the -h flag to get help information.

$ pushprom -h
Usage of bin/pushprom:
        Log debugging messages.
  -http-listen-address string
        The address to listen on for http stat and telemetry requests. (default ":9091")
  -udp-listen-address string
        The address to listen on for udp stats requests. (default ":9090")

Pushprom accepts HTTP and UDP requests. The payloads are in JSON. Here is a full example:

      "type": "gauge",
      "name": "trees",
      "help": "the amount of trees in the forest.",
      "method": "add",
      "value": 3002,
      "labels": {
            "species": "araucaria angustifolia",
            "job": "tree-counter-bot"

When Pushprom receives this payload (from now on called Delta) it tries to register the metric with type Gauge named trees and then apply the operation add with value 3002 on it.

Protocol support

You can use HTTP requests and UDP packages to push deltas to Pushprom.


When using HTTP you should do a POST /.


curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"type": "counter", "name": "gophers", "help": "little burrowing rodents", "method": "inc"}'


You move fast and break things.


echo "{\"type\": \"counter\", \"name\": \"gophers\", \"help\": \"little burrowing rodents\", \"method\": \"inc\"}" | nc -u -w1 9090


In the Prometheus Go client you can not register a metric with the same name and different help or labels. For example: you register a metric with name gophers and with help little rodents and a little later you think "but they are also burrowing animals!". When you change the help string and push the same metric it won't work: you need to reboot Pushprom.


We currently offer two flavors of PHP clients for Pushprom:



Pushgateway is a metrics cache for Prometheus. It's explicitly not an aggregator, which is the most distinct difference with Pushprom.


make test


Pushprom is licensed under The BSD 2-Clause License. Copyright (c) 2016, MessageBird

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