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MetaBrainz simple anonymous only vsftpd
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anon-ftp: An quick, anonymous ftp server docker image

This image is meant for running something like a public read-only share. User accounts are not supported and all data access is meant to be read only via ftp anonymous login.


View my included docker-compose.yml for a runtime configuration example or check the below one-liner for a quick launch!

docker run -d -p 20-21:20-21 -p 65500-65515:65500-65515 -v /tmp:/var/ftp:ro metabrainz/docker-anon-ftp

Runtime Configuration Options

There are a series of available variables you can tune at your own discretion. The defaults are most likely acceptable for most use cases.

  • ANON_ROOT - The directory in the container which vsftpd will serve out (default: /var/ftp)
  • PASV_MAX_PORT - The maximum port for pasv communiation (default: 65515)
  • PASV_MIN_PORT - The minimum port for pasv communication (default: 65500)
  • MAX_PER_IP - The maximum connections from one host (default: 2)
  • MAX_LOGIN_FAILS - Maximum number of login failures before kicking (default: 2)
  • MAX_CLIENTS - Maximum number of simultaneously connected clients (default: 50)
  • ANON_MAX_RATE - Maximum bandwidth allowed per client in bytes/sec (default: 6250000)
  • FTPD_BANNER - An ftpd banner displayed when a client connects (default: Welcome to an awesome public FTP Server)
  • BANNER_FILE - File containing ftpd banner (default: ``)


  • Ensure you use :ro at the end of your bind mount declaration!
  • We utilize ftp passive mode so we can define the ports we need and not have to use --net=host. This is the preferred way to use ftp!
  • You can find some great documentation on configuration options and other vsftpd information on the Archwiki and in the man page

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