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NEURON-UI is an experimental prototype for a new user interface for NEURON based on Geppetto.
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This repository hosts an experimental prototype for a new user interface for NEURON based on web technologies.

Install using Docker (self-contained, the simplest)

First install Docker from here.

Install NEURON-UI using Docker graphical interface (Kitematic)

Open Kitematic from Docker menu (will install Kitematic if you don't have it already)

Search for neuron-ui and create the container.

Start the container and click on Web preview to launch it. No need to ever use the command line, enjoy!

Install NEURON-UI using Docker from command line
docker pull metacell/neuron-ui
docker run -it -p 8888:8888 metacell/neuron-ui

Open your browser and connect to http://localhost:8888/geppetto.

Install NEURON-UI using pip

pip install neuron_ui
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_geppetto

Install from sources (for developers and for using your own NEURON models)

git clone
cd utilities
cd ..
To update sources:

The available functionality is currently limited to the RunControl panel, a basic cell builder, a simplified point process manager that lets you inject a current clamp and space plot functionality.

This prototype is being developed in collaboration with the Neurosim Lab and the Sense Lab.

The UI connects to nrnpython through a Geppetto extension for Jupyter Notebook.

See the Wiki for more info!

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