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NEURON-UI is an experimental prototype for a new user interface for NEURON based on Geppetto.
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This repository hosts an experimental prototype for a new user interface for NEURON based on web technologies.

To install:

pip install neuron_ui
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_geppetto

For a development installation:

git clone
python utilities/

This scripts clones all needed repos and install the extension and NEURON in development mode. This project consists on four different github repos:

  "name": "NEURON_UI",
  "path": ".",
  "url": ""
  "name": "org.geppetto.frontend.jupyter",
  "path": "./org.geppetto.frontend.jupyter",
  "url": ""
  "name": "org.geppetto.frontend",
  "path": "./org.geppetto.frontend.jupyter/src/jupyter_geppetto/geppetto/",
  "url": ""
  "name": "Geppetto Neuron",
  "path": "./org.geppetto.frontend.jupyter/src/jupyter_geppetto/geppetto/src/main/webapp/extensions/geppetto-neuron/",
  "url": ""

A script with a set of tools can be found at /utilities/ These are some examples of how to use it:

  python branches: print current branch of each repo

  python checkout <branch> : checkout <branch> on each repo

  python pull: execute git pull on each repo

  python fetch <remote> <branch> : execute git fetch on each repo

  python status: execute git status on each repo

Any change to python code will be automatically deployed. However, for js code we will have to build the js sources. There are two options either you run:

npm run build-dev-noTest

at NEURON-UI/org.geppetto.frontend.jupyter/src/jupyter_geppetto/geppetto/src/main/webapp on every change.

or, a better option, is to run:


at NEURON-UI/utilities so that any change in the js code will trigger a rebuild.

To run the server:


To update from sources:


The available functionality is currently limited to the RunControl panel, a basic cell builder, a simplified point process manager that lets you inject a current clamp and space plot functionality.

<p align="center">
<img src="" alt="Old RunControl panel" height="300"/>

This prototype is being developed in collaboration with the Neurosim Lab and the Sense Lab.

The UI connects to nrnpython through a Geppetto extension for Jupyter Notebook.

See the Wiki for more info!

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