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Mkdocs with working livereload
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MkDocs docker image

Docker image to use mkdocs. This image uses Fedora:latest.

It includes a patch that fix livereload websocket connection and some option to change user and group id if yours are not 1000:1000.

Create a project

Go to a directory where you want to generate documentation and type:

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/mkdocs metal3d/mkdocs new .

That will generate docs directory and mkdocs.yml file.

Launch server

"Serve" is the default command

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/mkdocs -p 8000:8000 metal3d/mkdocs

Then open

The entrypoint will change IP address to use "" inside container. Patched livereload will be available, so when you change a documentation file, your browser will refresh the page.

Change user and group id

If your user and/or group id are not "1000", you can pass environment variable to change them:

docker run -it --rm -e UID=$(id -u) -e GID=$(id -g) -v $PWD:/mkdocs metal3d/mkdocs new .

That way, both docs directory and mkdocs.yml file have the good uid/gid attributes.

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