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Pleeease CSS, Less, SASS processor
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pleeease CSS, SAAS, LESS compiler in a docker image.


It will parse css files in the current directory to build a file named "app.min.css".

As the default command line is "pleeease", you can give options and arguments (compile, watch...):

docker run --rm -it -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/workspace metal3d/pleeease \
    compile src/*.css -t my.file.css

You may "watch" file changes to compile "on the fly":

docker run --rm -it -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/workspace metal3d/pleeease \
    watch css/src -t css/app.min.css

Keep in mind to set "-u" option to write files as you current user, and not as "root" user.

If you set pleeaserc file and that this file resides in the current directory (that is mounted as volume), you can provide some options. Create a .pleeeaserc file containing:

    "less" : true

And now, pleeease can process "less" syntax.

Please see: pleeease documentation


You can use this image inside your docker-compose installation to build css as you're developping. Exemple:

  image: metal3d/pleeease
  - ./:/workspace
  cmd: watch css/src -t css/app.min.css
  user: 1000:1000

Important: the "user" directive set "1000:1000" that should be your own UID and GID (use "id" command in a shell to get them).
Without that, you will write app.min.css as root.

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