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A simple dockerized Xvfb that accept connection from everywhere.
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A simple dockerized Xvfb server to launch graphical interfaces.

  • latest, 0.0.1


Xvfb container will open X server ":99" port.

# start a Xvfb container
docker run --name xvfb metal3d/xvfb

# launch "app" from "other/image", display is now in "xvfb" container
docker run -e DISPLAY=xvfb:99 --link xvfb other/image app

X port

By default, DISPLAY port is "99", the ":" is appended by entrypoint. To override the value, you may override DISPLAY environment variable:

# start a Xvfb container listening on 55
docker run -e DISPLAY=55 --name xvfb metal3d/xvfb
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