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Docker image to run docker in dockerized build environments like concourse or drone.
Full Description

Docker in docker plus docker-compose

Docker image to run
docker builds and docker compose in a container. This indended to be used
in containerized build environments like drone
or concourse. It's based on

Please read
before using this image! Here be dragons!


To run the docker build call

docker build -t "<image tag>" .

To pull the latest image from docker hub run

docker pull meteogroup/docker-dev

The default ENTRYPOINT starts the docker daemon and run bash afterwards. It
will also take care of stopping the docker daemon as soos as bash exits. To run
with an interactive shell use

docker run --privileged --rm -ti meteogroup/docker-dev

To execute a command use the -c argument to bash.

docker run --privileged --rm -ti meteogroup/docker-dev -c echo "Hello world!"

For example, to run a docker build use

docker run --privileged -v <path to dockerbuild>:/work -w /work --rm -ti \
  meteogroup/docker-dev -c docker build .

It's possible to execute a script by piping it to the container

docker run --privileged --rm -i meteogroup/docker-dev <


Docker Engine and
Docker Compose
– Copyright © 2012-2016 Docker, Inc., licensed under the
Apache License 2.0

Copyright © 2016 MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH,
all the files in this git repository are released under the terms of
Apache License 2.0.

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