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php runtime
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This is a php image that is based on

but limits the installed software to the use of running php / nginx / fpm.
Image php-dev has composer installed additionally and can be used
execute compose commands.


Copy your files that should be served to


and run


to start the web server (nginx). It'll be listening on port 8080.

Changes to the original image

  • all output (nginx, php, fpm, supervisord) will be redirected to stdout and stderr.

Adjust nginx and/or fpm configs

In order to overwrite any configurations, please overwrite files in
/etc and /data/config.

removed software:

  • ruby
  • npm
  • gem
  • npm
  • gem
  • make
  • redis
  • mysql
  • composer for php:70, it's included in php-dev:70

added software:

  • GraphicsMagick
  • git
  • php-ldap
  • php-memcache
  • php-memcached
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