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CLI / Extra small size Meteor image - DiscoverMeteor/Microscope in 22MB (including the app)
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DiscoverMeteor/Microscope in 22MB

Many times we want to deploy our docker image in environments where we do not have access to our registry, and doing it public is not an alternative. Solution:

$ docker save meteorjs/example | bzip2 > meteorjs_example.tar.gz

Then we can copy the file on the place where we needed and executes this

$ docker load < meteorjs_example.tar.gz

For this we need the image to be small, meteor in latest version (1.4) requires other tools like python make gcc g++ git ... that forces you to add and obviously image increase the size also do not forget that have dev tools in production env is always a risk. this kind of images solve that problem (y) enjoy it and please send me your feedback!!!

meteorjs/cli + meteorjs/base - powerful combination !!!


Create a meteor build - creates astral.tar.gz
$ meteor build ../deploy --architecture os.linux.x86_64
Gets latest meteorjs/cli
$ docker pull meteorjs/cli
Configure meteorjs/cli (in ../deploy folder)
$ eval "$(docker run --rm --entrypoint xconfig meteorjs/cli docker)"
Alpinize the image (Creates Dockerfile & astral.alpine files)
$ alpinize astral
Build alpine image (test size: docker save meteorjs/example | bzip2 > file.tar.gz)
$ docker build -t meteorjs/example .

That's it

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