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NGINX reverse-proxy for private Docker registry
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Build and run Docker container

docker build -t portofino/portofino-proxy .

docker run -d \
           -e HTPASSWD_USER=docker \
           -e HTPASSWD_PASS=secret \
           -e SSL_COUNTRY=DE \
           -e SSL_STATE=Berlin \
           -e SSL_LOCATION=Berlin \
           -e SSL_ORGANISATION=Portofino \
           -e SSL_ORGANISATION_UNIT=Portofino \
           -e SSL_COMMON_NAME=localhost \
           -e SSL_EXPIRY=9999 \
           -p 5000:5000 \
           -v /home/docker/certs:/etc/portofino/certs \
           --link portofino:registry-alias \
           --name portofino-proxy \

Explanation of environment variables:

  • HTPASSWD_USER is the username for HTTP basic authentication.
  • HTPASSWD_PASS is the password for HTTP basic authentication.
  • SSL_* are the fields for the self-signed SSL certificate.
  • SSL_COMMON_NAME must be the domain-name of your server.
  • -v /home/docker/certs:
    • Local directory to persist the SSL certificate and private key (optional).
    • You can provide an existing .crt and .key pair for your domain.
    • Otherwise, Portofino will create a self-signed certificate and place it in the directory.
    • If no -v volume is provided, the created certificate will not be persisted.
  • --link:
    • portofino is the name of the Portofino private Docker registry container.
    • registry-alias is the internally used alias for the registry container.

Test if you can reach your private Docker registry through the nginx proxy:

curl -u docker:secret https://localhost:5000/v2/
docker login https://localhost:5000
  • docker:secret is the username and password set in the htpasswd file.
  • localhost is the address of the server that your nginx proxy is running on.

Provide your own htpasswd (not yet supported), certificate and private key

Generate basic authentication htpasswd file

htpasswd -c docker-registry.htpasswd docker

Creates a htpasswd file for the user docker

Generate certificate

openssl req -newkey rsa:4096 -nodes -keyout ~/certs/portofino.key \
-x509 -days 9999 -out ~/certs/portofino.crt

Creates a self-signed SSL certificate.

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