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Docker based elixir/Phoenix development environment
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Hello work Phoenix dockerized project

Step-by-step to setup development environment

Create the app

Answer 'Y' or just press enter when you are asked to install dependencies.

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/app -ti mgarciap/phoenix-dev mix hello_world

cp Dockerfile.local hello_world
cp docker-compose.yml hello_world
cd hello_world

Setup database

Update config/dev.exs and config/test.exs and change the Repo's hostname from localhost to db, which'll resolve to the private ip associated with the linked db container: hostname: "localhost" -> hostname: "db"

docker-compose run web mix ecto.create

Run tests

docker-compose run web mix test

If there is no errors and the output ends like this then you are ok:


Finished in 0.1 seconds
4 tests, 0 failures

Run the Web Server with the Postgres DB

docker-compose up
Docker Pull Command
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