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Based on Runs buckups for postgres 9.5 hourly
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based on

Dockerized cron job to backup a Postgres database to Amazon S3 every hour.
Works with Postgres 9.5

It expects the following environment variables to be set:

  • PG_S3_BACKUP_BUCKET - S3 bucket to use backup storage
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_ACCESS_KEY - AWS access key to authorize writing to the bucket
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_SECRET_KEY - AWS secret key to authorize writing to the bucket
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_HOST - Host of database to backup
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_USER - User of database to backup
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_DB - Name of database to backup
  • PG_S3_BACKUP_PASSWORD - Password for user
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