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MARVIN OpenStreetMap Lookup Nano Service
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OpenStreetMap Lookup Nano Service

This nS is written in Python and maps a location and radius to close-by public transport facilities:

(location, radius) --> close-by-ptf*

The response of nS2 is a JSON document (a list of close-by public transport facilities) in the following format:

      "id": ID,
      "kind": "TYPE",
      "lat": 0.000000,
      "lon": 0.000000,
      "name": "SOMENAME"

The nS2 uses the Overpass API, for example (in OQL):

out body;

out body;

See also for interactive testing and mapping.

Build & Execute

There's no build step but you will need Python installed; I've been using 2.7.9 in development. You can execute the nS like so:

$ python

Or the containerized version:

$ docker run -P mhausenblas/marvin-lookup


To get close-by public transport facilities for the area called Zaventem with a 50m radius:

$ http localhost:8989/closeby/Zaventem?radius=50
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 8223
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 18:03:31 GMT
Etag: "4230b265ce8123c7be5a903bc70d750a59aa997e"
Server: TornadoServer/4.3

        "id": 144913426,
        "kind": "bus_stop",
        "lat": 50.8720864,
        "lon": 4.4774319,
        "name": "Zaventem De Vlemincklaan"
            "id": 3202274132,
            "kind": "bus_stop",
            "lat": 50.8981377,
            "lon": 4.4818365,
            "name": "Brussels Airport"

Note that the default radius is 100m, so closeby/Zaventem is really the same as closeby/Zaventem?radius=100

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