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A Nagios server with a NagiosQL UI
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This container extends the "mhvelplund/nagios" container by adding the configuration frontend, NagiosQL.

To run, this container needs a MySQL 5.5 container to be linked with the alias "db". A Docker Compose configuration has been provided to help.

With DC, the container can be started by typing:

docker-compose up -d

This starts the containers in daemon mode, and opens a web-server on port 10080 of the Docker host.

The first time the container is started, NagiosQL must be configure. Simply go to the following URL, "http://<dockerhost>:10080/nagiosql" and complete the setup wizard.

  • Make sure "Local hostname or IP address" is set to "localhost"
  • Set "Administrative Database Password" to "root". It must match the MySQL root password defined in the compose file), and check all the boxes
  • Check the box "Drop database if already exists"
  • Pick an "Initial NagiosQL Password" and retype it below
  • Check the box "Import Nagios sample config"
  • Check the box "Create NagiosQL config paths"
  • Click next twice

NagiosQL is now configured.

NagiosQL runs on "http://<dockerhost>:10080/nagiosql"
Nagios runs on "http://<dockerhost>:10080/nagios"

The login username for Nagios is "nagiosadm", and the password is whatever the "NAGIOSADM_PW" is set to in the Compose file (default: nagios).

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