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Container for building rpm-ostree
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This is heavily based on the work that Jonathan Lebon did with his rpm-ostree-tester.

The container includes a build script that will build libhif, ostree, and rpm-ostree. The build script accepts a pull request ID that will fetch an rpm-ostree PR and build.

I prefer to run the container interactively, so that I can test new functionality on an existing host. For that reason, it is recommended to run the container with the following options:

docker run --privileged -v /run:/run -v /sysroot/ostree/repo:/repo -it miabbott/rpm-ostree-builder

Once the container is running and you are in the new environment, you can run the build script at /

You can specify the pull request ID with the $PULL_ID environment variable or as an argument to the / script.

When the build script finished, you'll have a shiny new ostree and rpm-ostree in /usr/bin.

For those interested, the Dockerfile is included in the root of the container (/Dockerfile).

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